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Welcome to the Centre for Finance!

In October 2011 the Centre for Finance (CFF) became one of the interdisciplinary (across faculties) research centers within the University of Gothenburg. The objective of the research centers is to provide an organizational structure that enables interdisciplinary research. The faculties involved at CFF are the School of Business, Economics and Law, the Faculty of Social Sciences (Psychology) and The Faculty of Science/Chalmers (Mathematics). CFF has its administrative base at the Department of Economics.

We gratefully acknowledge the support by the Second Swedish National Pension fund - AP2, Handelsbanken, SEB, the Independent saving banks in Western Sweden - fristående sparbankerna i Västra Sverige and the foundation for the Centre for Finance - Stiftelsen Centrum för finans.

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The Centre was initiated during the autumn of 2003. The prime objective behind this effort was to increase the quality in education and research, by leveraging the institutions pooled resources and more modern training.

The initiative to establish the Centre was a joint undertaking by the Departments of Business Administration and Economics and also sponsored by the business community.

CFF-AP2 conference November 17 - "Credit markets in transition"

Welcome to the Second Swedish National Pension Fund – AP2 and Centre for Finance – CFF conference at the School of Business, Economics, and Law, room E44, Vasagatan 1. Welcome to register, no later than November 13.

“Credit Markets in Transition”: The general objective of the conference is to bring academics and practitioners together to discuss changes in credit markets in the aftermath of the financial crisis.
Speakers include:
Peter Norman, former Swedish Minister for Financial Markets
Cecilia Skingsley, Deputy Director Sveriges Riksbank
David Lando, Professor Copenhagen Business School
Lasse Pedersen, Professor Copenhagen Business School and New York University, principal at AQR
Michael Bogdan, Goldman Sachs


Recent publications

Erik Hjalmarsson's article “Rise of the Machines: Algorithmic Trading in the Foreign Exchange Market” has been accepted by the Journal of Finance. Erik´s coauthors are Alain Chaboud, Ben Chiquoine and Clara Vega.

"Rank matters-The impact of social competition on portfolio choice"
Dijk, Oege; Holmén, Martin; Kirchler, Michael
European Economic Review, 66 p. 97-110

"Do option-like incentives induce overvaluation? Evidence from experimental asset markets"
Holmén, Martin; Kirchler, Michael; Kleinlercher, Daniel
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 40 p. 179-194

"Investment allocation decisions, home bias and the mandatory IFRS adoption"
Hamberg, Mattias; Mavruk, Taylan; Sjögren, Stefan Journal of International Money and Finance, 36 p. 107-130


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